EMP 8x1 P168W v2

Marka: EMP
Stok Miktarı: TÜKENDİ
Ürün Kodu: EMP 8x1 P168W v2



Bir uydu alıcıya 8 taneye kadar çanak/
LNB/uydu IF girişini doğrudan bağlayabilmek için 8 giriş/1 çıkışlı sviç.
Girişlerin seçimi DiSEqC 1.2 komutu "Goto nn"(6B) veya DiSEqC 1.1 protokolü kullanılarak yapılmaktadır.
1 den 4'e kadar olan girişler "Write NO" (38) komutu ile de seçilebilir, bu durumda sviç standart 4 girişli dayzek komutlarıyla uyumlu olacaktır.
Kısa devre korumalıdır.

1. Connection of cables

The switch P.168 includes 8 input connectors and 1 output connector. Coaxial cables from particular LNBs (satellite converters) shall be connected to input connectors (INP1 to INP8). It is advisable to note down assignment of the inputs. The output connector (OUT) shall be interconnected through a coaxial cable with a satellite receiver. 
For a long-lasting operation of the switch it is advisable to use high-quality coaxial cables designed for frequencies up to approx. 2 GHz. 

2. Receivers setting

The receiver setting method differs depending on the control mode of the system, and on the DiSEqC protocol version supported by the receiver.

A/ Setting according to DiSEqC 1.1 protocol 

If a receiver supports DiSEqC 1.1 protocol, set correct data in the fields for "committed switch (DiSEqC)" and "uncommitted switch" for each of the connected LNBs in the configuration menu. Please choose one of the following tables according to the sticker on Your switch: if the first input (INP 1) is labeled "com A, uncom A", follow Table 1. If the first input (INP 1) is labeled "uncommitted switch 1", use instead Table 2.

Table 1 (V1):

Sat System A: committed A (1) uncommitted A (1)
Sat System B: committed B (2) uncommitted A (1)
Sat System C: committed C (3) uncommitted A (1)
Sat System D: committed D (4) uncommitted A (1)
Sat System E: committed A (1) uncommitted B (2)
Sat System F: committed B (2) uncommitted B (2)
Sat System G: committed C (3) uncommitted B (2)
Sat System H: committed D (4)  
uncommitted B (2)

Table 2 (V2):

Sat System A: committed none uncommitted 1
Sat System B: committed none uncommitted 2
Sat System C: committed none uncommitted 3
Sat System D: committed none uncommitted 4
Sat System E: committed none uncommitted 5
Sat System F: committed none uncommitted 6
Sat System G: committed none uncommitted 7
Sat System H: committed none  
uncommitted 8

B/ Setting according to DiSEqC 1.2 protocol 

If a receiver does not support DiSEqC 1.1 version, but supports DiSEqC 1.2, receiver setting shall be carried out as if it has a DiSEqC motor. One of the satellites to be received shall be selected along with continuous holding of the push-button for motor rotation depressed (East or West) until the signal of respective satellite appears in a sufficient intensity and quality. Then stop the rotation immediately and save the found position. Repeat the search for all connected LNBs (all inputs)

C/ Setting according to DiSEqC 1.0 protocol

If a receiver only supports the basic version of DiSEqC standard, i.e. 1.0, then it is only possible to select the first four Sat Systems of the unit (Sat System A to Sat System D). In this case the receiver shall be set in the same way as for a common four-input DiSEqC relay, i.e. one of positions A, B, C, D, (1 to 4) shall be defined for each connected LNB.

Note: The configuration procedures for particular receivers can differ. The instructions included in the operating manual of a receiver shall be followed. Dreambox users can find detailed instructions in our download page.

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