MTV Unlimited 12 AY

Stok Miktarı: TÜKENDİ
Ürün Kodu: MTV Unlimited 12 AY



MTV Card On 19.2e Astra

Official 12 month card to access the MTV Unlimited package, consisting of: MTV2 (alternative), MTV Music (non-stop music videos), MTV Hits (pop music), MTV Dance (club and leftfield dance), VH1 Classic (oldies) and VH1 Europe (classic pop and rock).

You can Top Up Your Smartcard when the subscription ends using the same smartcard.

Technical Details:

- 12 month official card
- Encrypted in CONAX
- Broadcasting via Astra at 19.2 degrees east
- Broadcasting 24 hours a day
- Transponder 11.739 GHz V
- Symbol Rate 27500, FEC 3/4

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